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Mzee Mwangi from Kisasi Getting Smart with the FuturePump!

So it was a bright early Tuesday morning we get to the office normal stuff, following up on the usual sale leads, then we get a call from one of our loyal client. "Hi, my pump is not giving me as much water as it used to" tells Mr. Mwangi to one of our technicians. "Have you checked on the pipe connections", he asks, "Yes, I have even the solar connections are all fine and there has been enough sunlight," he replies.

"I suspect there is a leak somewhere but am not sure, can you come and check." "I will have to confirm with management but since its still within the warranty period I don't think there will be a problem in fixing or replacement of any parts." The following day one of our technicians boards a #matatu and heads to the farm on reaching the nearest town Kisasi, he has to get a #bodaboda to the farm. Few minutes of inspection and he realizes that the pump steel cylinder has developed a hole probably due to rust or some salinity levels in the water. "We have to replace the cylinder," says our technician, "does that mean I will have to buy another cylinder." "I don't think so, since its still within the warranty period, but will have to confirm with the office."

Importance of local service providers to offer sustainable service delivery for smallholder farmers....

So, our technician calls the office in #Kitui to report the incident and request consultation on the part to be replaced, and the office reassures the client that the issue will be resolved within 3 working days as part of the repair and maintenance policy. The office calls #FuturePump office in Nairobi and sends a photo of the part of the leaking cylinder to them on WhatsApp together with the pump serial number, which they confirm is a genuine product from them and sold to Mr. Mwangi. Each pump once sold and successfully installed has to be registered through an online platform as part of the warranty procedure and client gets copy. Oasis is a registered distributor of the FuturePump. So the manufacturer confirms that a new cylinder shall be sent immediately. Using local courier services the cylinder arrives the following day and is replaced that Friday.

"Photo: Mr. Mwangi irrigating his spinach, kale and onions which he sells and gets over KES 2,000 on a daily basis. He also maize for household consumption...."

The SF2 FuturePump is a simple, affordable and reliable solar water pump for small-scale irrigation, changing lives. With 3,600ltrs/hr its more than enough for smallholder farmers

Oasis Green Africa: Social Impact on Smallholder Farmers

Oasis Green Africa is a social innovation that makes the lives of smallholder farmers better and easier, by offering professional advocacy services to our clients i.e. installation, maintenance and repair of renewable energy solutions for rural homes. This makes them concentrate on being "farmers/ mothers/ fathers/ and children", feeding their families, making a substantial income enabling them to cater for their other expenses include education, health care etc.. And enjoying life, since that's all we all about, "making it easier and better".....


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