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We Provide Portable and Water Saving Devices for Personal Hygiene

Our mission is to provide access to basic hygiene standards in conditions where stationary solutions become unreliable or are absent. We believe that we are able to provide the best portable, water-saving and comfortable devices ensuring complete personal hygiene together with more advanced features such as hand-free cleaning.

EnDev III Kenya - Accelerating Access to Energy Services

In Kenya, a large part of the domestic energy requirement is covered with traditional biomass. As many people still use inefficient three-stone-fires for cooking, the country’s firewood demand is higher than its annual supply. This deficit has led to high rates of deforestation resulting in desertification, land degradation, droughts and famine. At the same time, the electricity access rate in rural areas is still low. EnDev Kenya facilitates access to improved cookstoves to enhance clean cooking and promotes small solar systems for rural inhabitants.


We know how to use water to improve lives.

HandyShower is a multifunctional 3-in-1 personal hygiene system that can be used as a faucet, a shower or a bidet. HandyShower helps you conserve water anywhere you are.

1/6 of humankind do not have access to running water and basic sanitation. Our goal is to solve that problem. As fast help during disasters e.g. during earthquakes or blackouts

To fill girls’ and women’ basic sanitary needs a problem that very often hinders their education. As a water-saving solution for people with no access to running water to secure minimum comfort of water use.

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Oasis has partnered with Hybsun a Chinese manufacturing company, to bring you the 3SC Series Solar Centrifugal Submersible Pump, this is an affordable, durable and reliable submersible solar water pump, convenient for medium  and small-holder farmers with access to rivers, shallow wells, boreholes etc. The 400W solar pump provides 3,000 liters/hour (21,000 liters/day) at a head of up to 40 meters/ 120 feet. It comes with external controller.

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Oasis has partnered with Ennos a Swiss Based technology company, to promote the Sunlight Pump, this is an affordable, durable and reliable surface solar water pump, convenient for small-holder farmers with access to rivers, on-farm ponds, small dams etc. The 0.5HP pump provides 2,700 ltrs/hr and is powered  by 100W - 400W solar panels or 12/24/36VDC Battery.


Oasis has partnered with Future Pump Ltd, to provide affordable and reliable solar water pump under the pump SF2, which provides 3,600 litres/hour for farming. Through this initiative we are supporting farmers to better improve production and livelihoods.


Oasis has installed over 3,600watts of solar submersible pumps, to provide farmers with over 250,000 liters of water daily for irrigation. This has enable many farmers grow crops such as vegetables, fruit trees, fodder for their animals, among others. Also through this initiative these farmers have improved their household income tremendously.

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Oasis Green Africa can customize your own complete solar power system solution based on your requests. We provide a variety of PV system solutions.

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